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    6th graders are required to read 5 books per semester. They should be completing a book review sheet as they finish each book and turn it in at the completion of each book. Please include the number of pages for the book (every 200 pages counts as a book!).  Students have access to a choice of 4 review sheets at all times. 

    Please DO NOT WAIT until the last day of the marking period to turn them all in.

    The third Marking Period is officially underway! 
    One of the books must be nonfiction, but only 1 will count as one of the 5.
    Book checks are due by 9:15 the morning of the deadline, April 2, to count for the 3rd MP.
    Please see the dates below to ensure you finish your 5 required books before the end of the Marking Period:
    Here is a recommended schedule:
    Feb 12
    Feb 26
    Mar 11
    Mar 23
    Apr 2
    Happy reading!
Last Modified on January 31, 2020