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    South Vocal Ensemble
     SVE @ Philles Game 2016


    South Vocal Ensemble (S.V.E.) is the elite choral ensemble at Council Rock High School South whose members are selected through audition.  We perform a wide variety of music ranging from 14th century works to contemporary pop and jazz compositions. The group rehearses regularly on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 PM and during other scheduled after school rehearsals.  The ensemble performs over twenty concerts a year.


    • Attend all rehearsals and performances (please refer to attached schedule)
    • Prepare music in advance of rehearsal
    • Demonstrate proper rehearsal techniques and etiquette (i.e., music, pencil)
    • Be punctual for all rehearsals and performances
    • Demonstrate strong musicality, leadership skills and dedication
    • Recognize areas where you individually need to practice on your own (i.e. if you know are not a strong sight singer, you will need to prepare music on your own)
    • Sing music in quartets (on occasion, upon request) to demonstrate preparedness.

    Scheduling Conflicts:

    Due to the fact that SVE is a small, elite ensemble, each individual voice is important to their section. When even one or two voices are missing from the group during a rehearsal or performance, the group may become unbalanced and rehearsal becomes counterproductive. For this reason, all rehearsals and performances are mandatory, baring personal illness and family emergencies.  Absences will be regularly monitored and may result in your dismissal from the ensemble.

    Members of the ensemble are asked to take the schedule home and discuss it with their parents and/or guardians to avoid future routine medical appointments and other engagements from being scheduled during rehearsals and performances.