• Top 10 Things You Should Know
    Mrs. Mazzolla
    10.  A quiet beach is my idea of a perfect vacation.
    9.  Mexican food is my favorite!
    8.  I graduated from Council Rock!  (When I graduated there was only one high school.)
    7.  Photography is a hobby of mine.
    6.  Tennis and football are my favorite sports.  (Although I only like to watch football.)
    5.  I love teaching!  I've been a teacher for over 15 years and have taught every grade! Second grade has been my home for almost 10 years now. 
    4.  I come from a big family and love spending time with them.
    3.  Mr. Mazzolla and I love hiking and traveling.
    2.  I have two children who are my whole world.  My daughter, Ava, turned 9 in March and will be in fourth grade this year.  Henry, my son, just turned 7 in August and will be starting first grade.  They are both growing up way too fast! (I'm sure your parents would say the same about you!)
    And the #1 thing you should know about Mrs. Mazzolla is....
    I think SECOND GRADERS are the best!