• Brown Bag It! 
     brown bag
    I am looking forward to getting to know all of you. For your first assignment, due on Thursday, September 2nd you will be asked to read the following list of catergories and find items that represent you. Choose a minimum of four categories. The items should be small enough to fit into the bag. Bring your bag to school and be prepared to share the contents with our class during morning meeting.  The brown bags will be provided and sent home the first day of school.
    • a hobby or free-time activity that you enjoy
    • one of your favorites (food, color, music, book, etc.)
    • future plans or goals
    • something you would like to do better
    • a place you would like to visit
    • something special about your family
    • the best part of summer vacation
    • something that reminds you of a memorable event in your life
    • something that you really dislike
    • a talent or special ability that you have