Choir Parent Association - Council Rock South
    The South Choral Department is extremely fortunate to have a strong, supportive parent booster organization that assists the program in many aspects, including but not limited to uniforms, fundraising, and refreshments.  If you are interested in becoming a choir parent volunteer or simply wish to stay connected with upcoming choir activities, please attend our monthly meetings found on the full calendar or feel free to contact one of our choir parent executive board.  Please see below:
              President                                        Maureen Wusaty               Mowu22@verizon.net 
              Vice-President                              Michael Pulaski                   pulaski@comcast.net 
              Treasurer                                        Jenn Stoltz                           jssjenn@gmail.com 
              Financial Advisor                          John Idell                             jtidell@yahoo.com
              Corresponding Secretary            Bob Wright                           robertjmwright@comcast.net
              Recording Secretary                    Ivy Frajerman                       ifrajerman@aol.com 
              Uniforms                                         MJ Schaffer                         kwilter1@verizon.net