•  6th Grade Language Arts Overview
    6th Grade students at SFE will follow Collections, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  Each unit includes a variety of narrative and non-narrtive reading selections.  The reading selections are organized into 6 Collections as follows:
    - Collection 1: Facing Fear
    - Collection 2: Animal Intelligence
    - Collection 3: Dealing with Disaster
    - Collection 4: Making Your Voice Heard
    - Collection 5: Decisions That Matter
    - Collection 6: What Tales Tell

    In addition to the components of Collections, sixth graders will experience some of the following Language Arts activities as well:
    - Sixth Grade Research Project (research written/oral report completed in the spring)
    - Independent Reading assignments (completed each marking period)
    - PSSA Practice (for spring assessment)