• 10.  Mr. Pearce and I live in Yardley with our two children, and I love being 10 minutes from Goodnoe.

    9.  Anytime we go to an ice cream shop, I always order soft serve chocolate in a cup. It’s my favorite!

    8.  I grew up in Quakertown, attended East Stroudsburg University, and went to St. Joseph's University for my graduate degree.

    7.  Traveling is a favorite activity of mine. Some of the best places I have been to are Hawaii, Australia, Paris, Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich.  I really want to go to Lake Louise in Canada!

    6.  I absolutely LOVE to read! I really enjoy finding a  new favorite author to read.  My friends and I like sharing books with each other.

    5.  Technology is a favorite tool of mine to use with second graders. I love learning from them and watching them find new ways to use technology.  I also like collaborating with other educators and sharing what I learned from them with my students.

    4.  My family spends a lot of time in Sea Isle City.  My kids never want to leave the beach!!! 

    3.  This is my 21st year teaching and I have only ever taught at Goodnoe. I love our school!
    2.  My daughter is named Madeleine and she is entering second grade. My son is named Joseph and he is entering first grade.  

    1. 1.  I think 2nd graders are the best!!!!

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