• Whether you are taking Honors Chemistry, Accelerated Chemistry or Chemistry, you will need the following materials:
    (1)  A Three Ring Binder
             This is crucial!!!!!  I don't care if you devote an entire binder to chemistry, or if you share your chemistry binder with one or more subjects.  If you are going to share, however, make sure that each subject is clearly divided.
    (2)  Writing Utensils
             For taking notes, any color, pen or pencil, is acceptable.  You will find colored pencils and/or highlighters to be helpful as well.
             For anything I will grade except laboratory reports, ... homework worksheets, tests, type two prompts, etc. you must use blue or black pen, or a pencil.  This allows me to grade in any color, and you to easily find my comments for improvement.
             For laboratory reports, we treat them like a report, and thus they are a bit more formal.  Blue or black ink is required if they are handwritten.  Word-processed reports are also acceptable.
    (3).  Lastly, you will need a scientific calculator.  For obvious reasons, cell phone programs / aps cannot be utilized as a calculator.  Your graphing calculator is acceptable, but you may be asked to clear all memory before exam situations.
    A Few Things that Might Help, But are Not Required:
    Binder Hole Punch