English 10
     Apple Apple Apple Apple
    Throughout the course of the first marking period, students will be reading All My Sons and Short Stories.  Students will be responsible for several areas of assessments for each piece of Literature. 
    Vocabulary:  Students will be responsilbe for completing one vocabulary unit every other week and will be tested on each unit.  Flashcards are required as they not only reinforce the words, but will also come in handy as we prepare for the Final Exam.
    Grammar:  Students will be challenged on certain aspects of grammar every other week.  Packets, worksheets and review items will be provided, along with extensive notes in order to prepare for grammar quizzes and ultimately, the Final Exam.
    Research:  The I- Search will be our reseach paper this school year.  It will be 25% of the marking period grade for the marking period in which it is completed.  More information on this project will be provided in class to the students and also at Back-To-School-Night.
    Keystone Prep:  Students will work throughout the school year on Keystone related materials.  Study Island packets, Study Island online assignments, CDT practice exams, and exercises from the Engage book will be utilized to ensure all students are confident with Keystone skills.