·        TEXTBOOK

    ·        PEN OR PENCIL

    ·        BINDER/NOTEBOOK






    n  #1:  Have a positive attitude

    n  #2:  Be RESPECTFUL AND KIND           

    n  #3:  Be prepared with all books and materials                           

    n  #4:  Be actively involved in lessons and learning                                             

    n  #5:  Complete Assignments TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY                                            

    n  #6:  Have fun every day!


    Homework:         Homework is assigned 2-3 times per week and YOU are expected to write it in your assignment book.  Homework is always checked the next day for completion and should remain in your binder or notebook.


    Make-up work    (Absences)    It is your responsibility to check the website for what you missed and complete the assignments (see directions about website on back).


    Late Work:          We DO NOT accept late work.  If there is a justified reason - i.e. death in the family - please see one of us as soon as you can to discuss the situation.


    Lateness:             You need to be in your assigned seat when the bell rings.  We understand that you are new to the building.  After the first couple of weeks you are expected to arrive to class on time every day. 


    Leaving the         Sign out and sign in at the back of the room and take the pass before you leave.



    Assignments:       In addition to homework, you will also have many in-class assignments and projects which will be graded for points.  All tests and quizzes vary in points and will be announced.  ***You may take home tests and quizzes upon request but they MUST be returned to us!*** 


    Grading:               Your grade is determined by adding up the total amount of points that you have earned over a marking period, and dividing that by the total amount of points possible. 






    Tuesday and Thursday from 2:20-3:00 in room 159.  Please sign up.

    Clinic can be used for extra help, make-up work, test prep or just keeping your grade.