• Prescriptive Reading
    Fry Reading List Practice
    “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”  

        -Joseph Addison
        -Strategies to use for comprehension
        -Read at their independent level with focus on non-fiction
         -Whole class and individual comprehension experiences to practice strategies
        -Strategies for word attack
        -Work on skills explicitly taught
        -Whole group instruction and individual instruction
        -Participation and completion of class work
        -Tests every couple of lessons (decoding)
        -Demonstration of strategies taught

    Rules for class
    1.    Come prepared (bring your binder, books, and something to write with).
    2.    Be respectful to your teachers and your peers in the room.
    3.    Be kind to others, we are all a work in progress.
    4.    Be on time to class—if you are late, you will need to stay after school.
    5.    Put forth your best effort.

    ***Cell phone policy***
    -Phones should be away in your school bag during class, unless needed for an activity.