• Course Overview:  Concepts of Mathematics


    Instructor:  Michael Nauen  (mnauen@crsd.org)


    Welcome to Concepts of Mathematics!  This course is designed to provide a thorough overview of the concepts and skills that students will need to succeed in later high school math and also use in life.


    This document contains information on:


     Section 1:  Course Outline


    Section 2:  Grading Policy


    Section 3:  Miscellaneous



    Section I:  Course Outline


    Unit 1:  Real Number and Variable Expressions   

    Unit 2:  Equations 

    Unit 3:  Ratios, Equations, and Percents

    Unit 4:  Functions and Graphs

    Unit 5:  Polynomials

    Unit 6:  Systems of Equations


    We will regularly review past work ("distributed review").



    Section II:  Grading Policy


    Student grades will be calculated as follows:


    33%  Homework - HW is assigned every day but test days and is very important!

    33%  Class Behavior/Participation – Perseverance and Respect!

    33% Assessments 


    It is very unusual for a student who comes to class, works hard, and does his/her homework to receive a failing, or even a poor grade, in my class. 



    Section III:  Miscellaneous


    Web Information:  All instructional material, homework, and extra credit sheets are on the website.

    Office Hours/Clinic:  I am in room 209A or 222 after school on Tuesday and Thursday of every week, and is usually there on Monday and Wednesday as well.  Please come and see him if you are having difficulty.


    Homework Help:  If you are having trouble with homework and need assistance, send me an email at mnauen@crsd.org.  I check my email every night.    


    Parent Contact:  I try to stay in close touch with parents; but if you have an issue of concern please email me and I will contact you immediately.