• heart  Willkommen!

    Hello, future German students! I am very excited to see you in the fall!!

    We may be in for another unusual year, but no matter what happens, we will be in it together. Learning at home last year was very different than in a classroom, so I understand that you may not be feeling as confident. Please don't worry - we can review what we need to. 

    Some info about our course:

    I'm so glad that Frau Toneatto gave you a foundation in the traditional culture of Germany because I like to show you Germany's modern side. In class, we listen to current music, videos, and news. Level 2 focuses on travel, so we will learn about different cities and regions. Our classes are usually on the smaller side, which allows me to incorporate your interests into our class and which allows you to feel comfortable communicating in German.

    Some info about me:

    I studied, worked, and lived in Germany for 3 years. I married a German citizen and we travel with our children to Germany every year. As a German student, I sometimes struggled and I never thought that I would ever use the language, so that gives me a unique perspective to help you master the content.

    Who knows, maybe someday you will study in Germany just like I once did?


    - Fully-charged, school-issued Chromebook. 

    - Folder/binder if you require print outs rather than electronic "handouts"

    - Pens/pencils/erasers/colored pencils or markers/highlighters 

    Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will be unable to share classroom materials.




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