AM Students - 9:10 to 11:45
    Arrival between 8:50 - 9:10



    Car Riders - Please drive through the car line and drop your student off at the main entrance (doors) on the side of our school. Please have your child ready with their mask and backpacks. Churchville teachers will be at the entrance to help direct your child to the classroom. We are directly across from the doors, so I will be waiting for your child.

    Bus Riders - Students will come directly to our classroom from the bus circle out front. 

     Your child's success starts with being at school on time everyday so that they have time to prepare for the day, do their morning work, unpack and see friends.  

    Dismissal - in the front of the school in the bus circle

    Bus and Van Riders -  Students will be walked outside to get on busses and vans. 

    Parent Pick-up - Please enter the bus circle by car and create a Kindergarten car line.  Please allow the busses and vans to enter FIRST before the cars. Have your provided Car Tag (which I will give you the first day of school) attached to your visor or on the dash on the passengers side where I can see it. We will pull up two or three cars at a time and place students in the car. You do not need to get out of your car. This will be a bit different for us.  I sually hold your child hand and help them with their backpack BUT with the safety protocols I will only open the door and your child will need to get in.  We will work with them to give you their backpacks first and then crawl in the car.  :)  

    Walkers - We will bring your child out to you under the overhang where the busses, vans, and cars will be.