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    Journey’s Core Reading Program 
    Please click on the picture above which will take you directly to Think Central and the Journeys Reading Program. Your child will have access to leveled readers after we begin the program.  They can view stories, sight words and vocabulary cards. Students will have a password of their own to log onto the site.   Sometimes they will have homework related to the work we have done in class. It might be one of the stories to read before we read it in class or a game to play with vocabulary or even a writing assignment.  
    I will also be posting books for my reading groups on Google Classroom for your child to read at home.  We might have a video conference also to start the reading process and learn all about how to read the book, how to do a picture walk, how to find new words and how to sound out words.  Then your child can reread their books anytime on line.  it is great practice.  You can also print the books if you would like.  Sometimes we highlight books in school so they could do this at home as well. In the back of ach reader is an assignment.  I always give the students an assignment to complete after we read. 
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