• Honors English 12—Mrs. O’Connell                                       June 1-5


    Exam days:  June 9 (Reading Comprehension)

                        June 11 (Per. 3)

                        June 12 (Per. 1)


    Monday                       Vocab. Unit 15—read passage, intro. words #1-10,

                                                                            distribute wksts.

                                        H.W.—Vocab. Unit 15—list, label, define #1-10.

                                                    --study for Unit 14 test tomorrow


    Tuesday                       Vocab. Unit 15—intro. words #11-20

                                                                --test on Unit 14

                                        Distribute exam review materials

                                                    --announce exempt students

                                        King Lear—finish reading Act IV  

                                        H.W.—Vocab. Unit 15—list, label, define words #11-20

                                                    King Lear—Act IV test on Thursday


    Wednesday                 Vocab.—return and review Unit 14 test

    King Lear—view dvd of Act IV; begin reading Act V

                                        H.W.—Vocab. Unit 15—Choosing the Right Word and

                                                                                        Syn. and Ant.

                                                    King Lear—Act IV test tomorrow



    Thursday                     Vocab.—check homework.

                                        King Lear—test on Act IV

                                                       --conclude  Act V

                                        H.W.—Vocab. Unit 15—Completing the Sentence and

                                                                                        Vocab. in Context

                                                                            --wksts. will be collected tomorrow


    Friday                          Vocab.—check homework and collect wksts.

    King Lear—view dvd of Act V

                                        H.W.—If you are not exempt from the exam, you should

                                                    review exam materials

                                                    Vocab. Unit 15 test on Monday

                                                    King Lear—Act V test on Monday


    Monday                       Vocab. Unit 15 test

                                        King Lear—Act V test


    Tuesday                       Reading Comprehension exam