• What is Discovery Quest?

    Discovery Quest is an oral speaking activity that allows students to learn public

    speaking skills and independent research skills. Students go
    on a “quest” to “discover” a topic of interest and share it with the class.  By
    participating in Discovery Quest, children gain confidence as a
    public speaker, learn some research skills, and find out how fun it can be to go
    on a quest for knowledge. Members of the audience will have
    the opportunity to develop good listening skills and learn to formulate
    appropriate questions about the presentation. Both the speaker and the
    audience will be assessed.


    How do I prepare for my Discovery Quest presentation?

    Step #1 Choose a topic of interest, get it approved by your teacher, and go on

    a "quest" to "discover" something new.  

    Step #2 Use books, magazines, reference books, family member interviews,

    newspapers, or the Internet to learn about the topic.

    Step #3 Prepare a power point presentation, or other visual, and report their

    findings to the class.

    Step #4 Practice your presentation, including a good opening and closing.  You

    may want to use notecards to help you remember your speech content.  DO
    NOT read your information, but TELL us what you have learned. Be sure your
    presentation is between 2 to 5 minutes in length.

    Step #5 Have fun!

    Good Luck on Your Quest!