• Students may participate in a combination of therapy supports from individual, small group and large group.  Consult Therapy allows the therapist the freedom to see students in a variety of "real life" settings and not just a therapy room.  Many students will move to this model as they progress towards 18 years of age as part of their transition planning.  This is the true test of whether or not a student is generalizing the skills being learned in the Therapy Room.
    The Therapists also consults with the Special Education Teachers on a regular basis so that strategies and tips are carried over into other settings.
    Speech Therapist: Kelly Dougherty kdougherty@crsd.org
    Occupational Therapist: MaryJo Crooks mcrooks@crsd.org
    Physical Therapish: Jeneane Adams    jeneane.adams@crsd4.onmicrosoft.com
    Hearing Support Therapist: Kelly Gibat kgibat@crsd.org
    Behavior Support Therapist: Tara Kohler tkohler@crsd.org