• Stuck on a word?


    Eagle Eye - Look at the pictures!

    · Look at the picture for clues


    Lips the Fish - Get your lips ready!

    · Say the first few sounds of the new word

    · Read to the end of sentence and say it again


    Stretchy Snake - Stretch it out!

    · Stretch the word out slowly

    · Put the sounds together


    Chunky Monkey - Chunk the Word!

    · Look for a chunk that you know (-at, -an)

    · Look for a word part (-ing, -er)


    Skippy Frog - Skip It, Skip It!

    · Skip the word

    · Read to the end of the sentence

    · Hop back and READ IT, READ IT!


    Tryin’ Lion - Try it again!

    · Try to reread the sentence

    · Try a word that makes sense


    Helpful Kangaroo - Ask for help!

    · Ask for help (after you have tried all of the other strategies

    Never let the word win. Read on!!!!