6th Grade Science



     Solar Simultaion- http://www.solarsystemscope.com/

    Discover what you can see in the sky tonight.- http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/visible-planets-tonight-mars-jupiter-venus-saturn-mercury


    1st Marking Period- DeltaScience: Earth, Moon, and Sun

    District Test Review Quizlet: Click here for Quizlet

    Students read about and investigate the properties of, and the relationships among the Earth, Moon, and Sun within our solar system.

    Lesson 1: Where Is Earth in Space? Quizlet to study Quizlet

    Lesson 2: What Is the Sun Like? Quizlet to study Quizlet on Sun

    Lesson 3: What Causes Days and Years? Quizlet for Days, Years and Seasons

    Lesson 4: What Causes Seasons?

    Lesson 5: What Is the Moon Like?

    Lesson 6: What Causes Tides? Quizlet on Moon Phases and Tides

    Lesson 7: What Causes Eclipses?


    District Test Review Quizlet: Click here for Quizlet


    2nd Marking Period            

    Introduction to Genetics-

     Students will learn about cells, Mendelian genetics, Punnett squares and animal classification.

    3rd  Marking Period

    FOSS Kit: Variables   (Scientific Reasoning & Technology)

    Students engage in scientific inquiry. They identify and control variables and conduct controlled experiments using several multivariable systems. They observe and compare the outcomes of experiments identify relationships between independent and dependent variables, graph relationships, and make predictions using the results of their experiments.

    Investigation 1 – Swingers (Pendulums)

    Investigation 2 – Lifeboats       

    Investigation 3 – Plane Sense        

    Investigation 4 – Flippers (Catapults)


    4th Marking  Period 

    FOSS Kit: Levers & Pulleys   (Physical Science)

    Students conduct investigations using two kinds of simple machines, levers and pulleys. They set up systems, measure outcomes, and record using conventional diagrams. They relate the force needed to lift a load to the advantage resulting from simple machines. They graph to organize and interpret results of investigations.

    Investigation 1 – Levers     

    Investigation 2 – More Leverage   

    Investigation 3 – Pulleys

    Investigation 4 – Pulleys at Work