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    Dribble the Turtle
         Dribble is a turtle that I have "adopted" as my class pet from a former NES teacher, Mrs. Young, who moved to Texas with her family.  Here is his story: 

         Back in 1986, Mrs. Young and her sister, Amy, were driving along a busy two lane road, when Amy spotted a turtle patiently making its way from one side of the road to the other side of the road.  She yelled, “STOP the car! There’s a turtle in the middle of the road, and we need to save him!”  Mrs. Young thought she was crazy, but never one to go against her sister, she did what Amy told her to do, and pulled off the road safely.  In a flash, Amy jumped out of the car, ran to the turtle, and brought him back into the car with her.  Mrs. Young was totally freaked out; she told Amy to put the turtle into the grass, but Amy said she was afraid that he would walk back onto the busy road.

     Amy brought the turtle home and cared for him until Mrs. Young graduated from college and began teaching in Council Rock.  Her students loved the turtle, and they wanted to name it.  They decided to call the turtle, Dribble, after the turtle in Judy Blume’s hilarious book, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

      Mrs. Young's students learned a lot about turtles that year. The eyes of a male are usually bright red. Males also tend to be brightly colored, especially around the head, neck and front legs. Females tend to have dark brown to reddish brown eyes. Can you determine from the picture if Dribble is a girl or a boy? THey learned that Dribble is a kind of turtle known as a box turtle.  He likes most fruits and vegetables, but he LOVES giant earthworms, goldfish crackers, and shrimp! He gets excited for indoor and outdoor recess!   Dribble loves children, but twice he has confused little fingers for earthworms!  No fingers near his face!  He is happiest in the morning when students arrive, and he pays particularly close attention to all lessons.  Dribble is the most brilliant turtle in all of Pennsylvania!

    Dribble hibernates in the winter, and he wakes up to play with his friends when spring arrives.  He loves sleepovers with his classmates over spring break, and he especially enjoys spending time with different families during the summer.  Maybe Dribble will be privileged to spend time with you and your family!