So... How can I use this website?
    This website has two major features:
    1) This site provides access to all (well, O.K., most) handouts from chemistry class.  That includes class notes, worksheets, labs, charts, etc.
    How can this help students?  First, if a student is absent, they can access handouts from home.  Secondly, if a student wishes to "redo" a worksheet in order to improve their performance, this is an option.  Thirdly, sometimes kids just forget their papers and could use the opportunity to get a fresh copy from their home computer.
    2) This site provides links to internet websites that can be helpful to students in their quest to understand chemistry.
    How can this help students?  Sometimes going the extra mile and looking at other websites can really help.  Their are many tutorial chemistry sites on the web that may provide a different explanation of a topic, or provide more practice problems.
    It is my hope that this website will help students and parents.  If you have suggestions (maybe you'll find a helpful website I don't know about), please let me know.  I'm always interested in providing better learning opportunities for my students.

Last Modified on October 1, 2014