• Me Magazine!!!


    Due Date: Friday, May 8, 2015


    Your Name: _______________________________________________________


    Parent’s Signature: _________________________________________________


    Objective:  This project is a memory of your fifth grade. This magazine will

    highlight the important events that occurred in your life!! Please work to complete this project to the very best of your ability. You will cherish it for a very long time!!

    Follow the guidelines below to create a successful Me Magazine!!

           -     This is mainly a home project, but some time is allotted at school.

           -   Check the dates that the rough copies are due

        *The students will have some time to work on their rough copies during the school day; therefore, please always have Me Magazine folder available.



         *We will work on the Me Mag in school and you will need to work on it at home as well.

          - Put the following criteria in the order that it is listed.

          - Include a front cover that says Me Magazine, your full name, and a picture of  


          - All work must be typed with at least size 12 font, but not bigger than size 16.

     - Each page must be numbered!!

              - Refer to the calendar (located in the back of this packet) for rough

            copy due dates. 

                       - You WILL be graded on the process (handing in rough copies on time)

          - Refer to the rubric for scoring guidelines

          - Working ahead of calendar due dates is encouraged.

    -         Complete number of paragraphs indicted for each criteria.

    - 3 to 5 paragraphs are the typical requirement for each writing piece; however, in 5th grade, we write at least 5 paragraphs per piece so therefore 5 paragraphs are encouraged. J

    -         You can add pictures to any and all sections!!

    -         Work to the very best of your ability and be creative!!


    - You will need…

    · 1-inch binder with clear pocket holders to insert front cover

    · Sheet protectors to protect your memories better

    · Optional: Colorful paper (plain or with pictures) and stickers

     · You can purchase these items at Office Max, Staples, Michael’s., and/or AC Moore.


    Please email or call me if you have any difficulty obtaining these items.





    Did I complete?

    Table of Contents

    Include all section titles and page numbers (Using a table is easiest and DO NOT do until the end)



    Choose a person or many people to dedicate the Me Magazine to and include reasons for dedicating it to them!!  (can be any length)


    Baby Days

    Write at least 3 paragraphs describing where you were born, when, what time, baby favorites, funny stories, etc… Optional: Pictures


    Typical Day

    Chart (listing) or story (paragraph form) of what you do on a typical day, include times. Include description of each event.



    Here is where you express your opinions or strong feelings about one topic. It could be a current event that you feel strongly about or something you love to do. You need to give reasons why it is important and explain it. (Persuasive piece – you are able to use the persuasive piece we typed in school – make sure to revise.)

     We Did This In School!!!

    My Most Important Person

    Think of someone you admire. It could be your mother, father, famous person, etc... Tell what this person does, why you admire them and how they influence you.

    5 paragraphs!


    Restaurant Review

    What is your favorite restaurant? Explain why it is your favorite! What is your favorite meal? Use mouth-watering words to describe! 5 paragraphs! Optional: Include a copy of the menu!!(Printing it off the Internet is the easiest way)


    Book Review

    List top 5 books. Include author, genre and why you liked the book (short, detailed reasons). Can set up in a table.


    Movie Review

    List your top 5 movies and give short, detailed reasons why you liked them. Can set up in a table. (Optional: provide names of actors and actresses)


    Song Review

    List top 5 songs. Include artist and why you liked the songs (short, detailed reasons). Can set up in a table.


    TV Show Review

    List top 5 favorite TV shows. Include why you like them (short, detailed reasons). Can set up in a table.


    Teen Helper

    Think of 3 problems that you experienced or knew of over the years, inside or outside of school. It does not have to be a problem that you had; it could be a problem you knew of, or if you cannot think of one – make it up. (Stretch the truth!)

    Write to the “Teen Helper” for each of the problems and then act as if you are the teen helper and provide ways to solve the problems. Similar to the well-known, “Dear Abby.”

    - You can get creative and make up names for the "kids" writing into the Teen Helper (i.e. From, Nervous-About-6th Grade)


    Expectation for 6th Grade

    In at least 3 paragraphs, discuss what you think 6th grade will be like. Include any expectations, fears and/or goals that you may have.


    Future Goals

    In at least 3 paragraphs, discuss where you want to go in life (i.e. doctor, teacher, college), how you want to get there and why. (Can be long-term life goals or short-term school goals.)


    What I’ll Miss Most

    In at least 3 paragraphs, discuss what you will miss about the fifth grade and why. Include what you learned, how it might have helped you, etc…


    One Last Thing

    Can be placed at the end of your magazine. Can be more than 1 last thing. This is for you to personalize your Me Magazine!! See options below.


    Reflecting on My Writing

    Complete the reflection sheet given to you and include it at the end of your Me Magazine. You can type it up or use the special paper given to you by the teacher (Teacher will give to you toward the end of the project). The one provided in this packet is for your rough copy.



    You are welcome to include anything else you would like. Remember, you are collecting and saving your memories, so personalize it!!


    Options to add:          1) Quotes                                                                     2) Favorite sports teams/ players

                         3) Favorite video games or foods                               4) Memories of “Oliver”

                       5) Ads/ commercials just like a real magazine           6) Pictures of friends 

                          7) Music influences/ musical instruments                 8) Current Fashions

                          9) Memories of March Madness                               10) Writing pieces from 5th grade






    This is an example of what you can type up on your on own or

    you can receive from the teacher on “good paper” at a later date.

    Please let the teacher know if you would like it on “good paper.”


    Reflecting on My Writing

    (Choose a writing piece from the Me Magazine)


    My Favorite Piece: ________________________________________


    I selected this piece because: _______________________________ _________________________________________________________


    This piece’s strengths are: _________________________________ _________________________________________________________


    If I were to redo this piece, I would: ________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________


    What do you like best about the way you write? _____________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    What is something that you can improve on as a writer? ______ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    Your least favorite piece was? ______________________________ Because _________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    What is your favorite mode of writing? _____________________

    Why? ___________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________







    Calendar Dates for Me Magazine


    *Note: When each part is due, only a rough draft needs to be checked by the teacher. The final copy and pictures do not need to be checked.

    ***Do not put the rough copies on good paper.


    The rough copies should be typed on regular white copy paper for

    revising & editing purposes.

    Typing the rough copy makes it easier for the students to revise and edit.

    In addition, do not hand in rough copies in sheet protectors.

    It makes it difficult to revise & edit.




    Date Due

    Checked by Teacher

    Dedication, Baby Days, Typical Day

    Thursday, February 19th     


    Viewpoint and My Most Important Person

    Friday, March 6th  


    Restaurant, Book, Movie, Song, and TV Review,

    Friday, March 27th    


    Teen Helper and Expectation of 6th Grade

    Friday, April 10th   


    Future Goals and What I’ll Miss Most

    Friday, April 24th    


    **The teacher will not be checking the following rough drafts:

    Table of Contents, One Last Thing or Reflecting on My Writing!!


    On Friday, May 8th  the Me Magazine is due!!



    Friday, May 15th at 2:45 PM

    We will be having a Me Magazine party to celebrate our success!!

    All are invited to attend.

    The students will display their hard work!!!

    More information will follow!!


Last Modified on February 13, 2015