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    August 2021
    Dear Students and Families,
              Welcome to 5th Grade!  I am looking forward to having each of you in our classroom community this school year.  I can't wait to get to know everyone.  As we navigate through moments this year together, remember that there will be so much that we will experience and explore academically, socially, and emotionally.  I encourage you to be brave and embrace any changes and remember that each learning experience we partake in shapes who we are!  Although summer is coming to an end, don't forget there are many other beginnings to look forward to.  I can't wait to meet each of you!
              This is my 16th year teaching at Newtown Elementary!  I graduated from The University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education with a dual Masters degree in School and Mental Health Counseling.  During my undergraduate studies, I went to Penn State University to study Elementary Education and specialized in Teaching English Language Learners.  Feel free to scroll through the pictures on the "Class Website" tab to learn a little about me and those important to me!
              Our time together from beginning to end will be so valuable.  As your teacher, my goal is to create a classroom community of friends and learners.  Our classroom is a place where we will maximize every learning moment, while also having fun!  
              My hope is to help you build confidence, understand yourself as a learner, and be the best version of yourself.  I promise to be genuine and treat you with unconditional positive regard.  I will make learning fun, relevant, and interesting!  I want you to feel safe and comfortable sharing your ideas in our learning environment.  We will work together to set goals that you will work toward that encompass academic, social, and emotional intelligences.  
             As a fifth grader, you'll experience some challenging situations.  We will work together and I will help you through these times.  I am here for you and your family! You will also achieve many accomplishments!  I can't wait to celebrate these with you!  There are high expectations for studying and academics.  You will be expected to show hard work and responsibility for your learning and actions.  Our classroom works together as a team in a respectful manner, so teachers can teach and learners can learn.  
              In 5th grade, there are many concepts to learn, friends to connect with, and memories to make!  With expectations rising, homework becomes even more important because it helps you to practice and solidify the concepts that were taught during the day.  You will learn new organizational skills and study habits, which will help you with becoming a responsible scholar.  As a member of our classroom family, everyone must treat each other with respect and kindness.  Accepting people for who they are and being an aware ally is of utmost importance in our classroom.  Anything less will not be tolerated and will be resolved effectively with teacher, parent, and student collaboration.
              So, enjoy these last days of summer and get ready to rock and roll on into 5th grade.  I can't wait to meet all of our students and parents!  Our "Meet and Greet" will be held on August 26th 2021 @2:30-3:30 this year in room A10. Check the school supplies tab to the left on this webpage to see what you'll need for class.  Check back soon for an announcement to join our Google Classroom! See you soon!
                                                                       Your teacher,
                                                                       Ms. DeGennaro