Kindergarten Supplies Needed for 2022-2023



    Your child will need:


    * A snack bag


    * One schoolbag large enough to hold a folder without bending it


    * One folder with two pockets


    * Two glue sticks


    * One pair of scissors


    * One pack of thin black expo markers


    * One Ticonderoga 4 pack of "My First Wooden Pencil"


    * One box of large crayons-8 count (Your child will need this for the start of the year)


    * One box of 24 crayons (You will need this for later in the year)


    * A pencil case to hold the crayons, pencils, expo markers, glue, and scissors


    *One container of baby wipes-AM class only


    *One container of hand sanitizer-PM class only