• Did you know...
    10. My favorite color is hot pink.
    9. I enjoy going to the beach in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.
    8. I love to bake! Especially chocolate chip cookies. Maybe you will be lucky enough to taste one of my creations!
    7. Philadelphia sports teams are my favorite! I am always watching or going to a game! Gooooo EAGLES!!
    6. Strawberries are my absolute favorite food in the world!
    5. I love to travel all over the world to see new places and discover new things. My favorite places that I have gone to are Croatia and Argentina.
    4. Shopping is my passion! I can shop anytime, anywhere!
    3. I have one sister who is two years younger then me.
    2. My husband, two sons, and my dog are the loves of my life :)
    1. Fourth graders are my favorite! Of all of the grades I have taught and schools I have taught in, there is no other place I would rather be teaching than fourth grade at Goodnoe!