• Mr. Rooney is our building math specialist


    The purpose of the Enrichment Program is to provide horizontal enrichment for the identified mathematically talented students in grades 4, 5, and 6 in the area of problem solving and mathematical investigations.  This enrichment will occur during two days a week in place of the student's regular math class.



    Math Support is offered to students needing additional support in mathematics in grades one, two, and three.  If a student exhibits signs of math weakness in his/her regular classroom, he/she could be eligible* to receive support.  This support program will not replace instruction in the regular classroom.  The math specialist will be working with the student at a non-instructional time during the school day (if this time is available).  When time permits, two one-half hour sessions are offered each week. The Remediation Program believes firmly in building up a student's confidence in mathematics by offering a program where the child meets with success - "Success Breeds Success."  Ultimately, the goal is to eventually have the student exit from this program and be successful on his or her own.

    *In order for a student to be eligible for math support, the classroom teacher, parent, and math specialist must determine if the student qualifies for support based on the criterion set by the Elementary Math Remediation Program.  Please note that math support is not for those students who have slipped from a E to an M on their report card.
    Math Clinic is offered to students in grades four, five, and six.  Clinic time is available to students who have questions or need additional support regarding their math class content.