In our reading program this year, we will continue to use the Journeys reading program which utilizes whole group lessons and small guided reading groups.

       We will also be using the Making Meaning Program which uses read aloud books that explicitly teach comprehension strategies. It teaches students to make sense of text and to be responsible partners who can support their own opinions and appreciate and respect the ideas of others.

    During our daily Read-Aloud, the students will be reading Class Novels and will also have time during the week to read their self-selected IDR independent reading books. They will learn strategies and comprehension skills to help them become better readers. They will respond through written responses in their blue reading journals.


    Practice Skills: Performance Assessments “PAT”

    § Reading PATS will be handed out every other Monday and will be returned to the teacher on Friday.

    § When completing the PAT students must look back into the story to prove their answers. Each of these look backs must be highlighted and numbered.