• Gifted Support Supply List

    Mrs. Benzio

    2022-2023 School Year


    1. A sturdy 2 subject notebook with student name, and HR teacher's name on it. 
    2. A plastic folder labeled "Humanities" with student's name, and their HR teacher's name on it.
    3. A 1" binder. 
    4. 2 reinforced binder dividers labeled 'Social Studies' and 'Science.'
    5. A novel that they are reading. With the merger of libraries with Mrs. Molishus, I am guessing I have 1,000+ books! I'm in NOVEL HEAVEN! They are welcome to sign out a book!
    6. A Writer's Notebook (a lined journal type of book with at least 100 Light colored pages, please no spiral). **6th graders- this is on the 6th grade supply list, they only need 1 book that they can use in both classes.
    7. Please bring a pencil case to class with colored pencils, a pen, and some coloring tools (pencils or crayons).