•  *Personal Needs
       Dress themselves - tying shoes, buttons pants/coats, zip jackets
       Know left and right - practice with your shoes!
       Take care of bathroom needs
       Washing hands & blowing nose
       Recognizing own clothing and possessions
       Following simple directions
       Putting toys and clothing away
       Understanding concepts of space, direction and place
    *Establish Routines
       Set limits - have your child help make rules together
       Eating habits
       Sleeping habits
       Create a daily or weekly schedule
       Talk with your child
       Practice "active listening"
       Turn-taking in conversations
       Maintaining eye contact
       Encourage your child to talk about their feelings and emotions
    *Read! Read! Read!
       Talk about the pictures and what is happening in the story
       Talk about the meaning of words in the text
       Visit the library
       Read labels at the store
    *Academic Skills
       Recognize, name, count and write numerals 1-20
       Count and sort objects together
       Count to 100
       Recognize and name colors, shapes and patterns
       Write first and last name
       Identify letters and sounds