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    You are Invited


    Who:       4th Grade Students Assigned to Mrs. Handfinger 

    When:    August 30, 2021

    Where:    Churchville Elementary School

    What to Bring: A mind ready to learn, a positive attitude, and supplies!

    Location: D4

    Needed: See supply list on Webpage

    Additional Information:

    Hi everyone!  My name is Mrs. Handfinger and I am so excited to meet all of you.  This year Mrs. Sechowicz will also be in our classroom. Additionally, Mrs. Paolini will be joining us as well!   Get ready for your best year yet!  We have many wonderful things planned for you this year.  We hope to go on trips, conduct experiments, read amazing stories, and do lots of other fun and exciting activities! We really look forward to meeting you and making you a part of our fourth-grade family.  See you soon! 

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