• Language Learning Tips

    ·         You learn a new foreign language just like you learned your native language as a baby: you listen, you try to imitate what you’ve heard, and then you practice, practice, practice.


    ·         Pay attention in class: listen to your teacher; repeat both aloud and to yourself the sounds you hear; when you’re home, practice aloud in front of a mirror – this often helps with pronunciation and intonation.


    ·         Have a sense of humor about learning a language. Don’t be afraid to sound silly or to make a mistake.


    ·         Try to answer all questions which are asked in class even if you are not called on;  if the answer is different from yours and you don’t understand, raise your hand and ask why.


    ·         Choose a study buddy, someone from class you can practice with; you can have phone conversations in German with your study buddy, too.


    ·         Do your homework; homework assignments are practice and reinforcement for work done in class.  Complete your assignments carefully and consistently.


    ·         Look up unfamiliar words when completing your homework. This small investment will pay off when with less time needed to study before quizzes and tests!!! You will also feel more confident in class.


    ·         Make flashcards for all new vocabulary words; write the German on one side and the English on the other side.  Even a family member who doesn’t know German can help you study by saying the English word and you can say the German word.  It might also help to color code your flashcards; use different colors for der, die and das nouns and another color for verbs. As you learn more vocabulary, write words that are closely associated with what you are learning. (Ex. For vocab word “Bus”: schedule, drive, ride the bus


    ·         Review new words each night; don’t wait for a quiz or test to try to learn all vocabulary. Cramming never works!


    ·         Review your assignments and quizzes before a test; ask questions about concepts that are difficult for you.


    ·         If you are struggling, come in for extra help; sometimes it takes a little more practice before you can master a language concept.


    ·         Change the settings on your phone, social media, etc. to German. Ask Siri questions in German. With parental permission, follow your favorite German soccer player, actor, musician, magazine, etc. on social media. Download German books for kids. Watch German YouTube videos. If it interests you, you will be more motivated to learn!


    ·         Always give your best effort; language learning is easier and more rewarding when you give it your best shot!