School Supplies

  • *a durable 2-pocket folder (for homework)

    * a pencil box or case for your desk (no larger than 5” x 8”)

    * a backpack

    * 3-4 sharpened pencil

    *1 pack Dry Erase markers

    *1 Dry Erase Eraser or a sock     

    * Headphones to be used with Chrome books (Dollar store or 5 Below)


    Optional Supplies-

    Community supplies will be available for sharing. If you would like your own, here is what we use throughout the year.

    Crayons 24 and Markers 8 to 16 pack

    Colored pencils 12 or 24 pack

    Glue Sticks


    Classroom donations we can always use-


    -Liquid hand soap (boys)

    - Hand Sanitizer or wet ones  (girls)

    -Chlorox - Wipes




    Thanks for your support!

Last Modified on August 16, 2022