• Possible Units of Study:

    1.  Archaeology

    2.  Early Exploration

    3.  European Settlements

    4.  Colonial Life

    5.  Comparing Colonies

    6.  Slavery

    7.  Colonial Williamsburg  

    8.  The American Revolution
    9.  Westward Expansion
    10. The Civil War
    11.  Special Interest Topics
    12.  Current Events 


    The course content for Grade 5 is Social Studies curriculum based and focuses on these essential questions:

    1. How does geography of a region influence the culture of its inhabitants?
    2. How do rules protect individual rights as well as meet the needs of society?
    3. How and why do people move?
    4. How do we use the past to build the future?
    5. What are the responsibilities of a good citizen?
    6. What are the lessons that can be learned from current events?