• Road Trip Across the USA!
    The United States is a nation with many different places and physical features, but as you know, it is SO much more than the geography of the land.
    Pack your bags as we explore the regions of our great country...the past, the present, and the future!  Our first stop is the best state in the land...Pennsylvania!
    Possible Special Units of Study:

    1.  Pennsylvania

    2.  Geography

    3.  Regions of the United States

    4.  Lenni Lenape Native Americans

    5.  William Penn

    6.  Ben Franklin/Colonial Times

    7.  Declaration of Independence

    8.  The Revolutionary War
    9.  Special Interest Topics
    10.  Current Events 

    The course content for Grade 4 is Social Studies curriculum based and focuses on these essential questions:

    1. How do physical features and geographic locations impact where and how people live?
    2. How do diverse resources, economic and industries affect the progress and growth of a region?
    3. How, when and why do people move?
    4. How do natural resources determine the development of industries in a region?
    5. What are the lessons that can be learned from current events?