Hello Third Grade Friends!
       Here is some information about me so that you can get to know me!  I am proud to say that I have been a teacher in Council Rock for 10 years now.  This will be my seventh year teaching third grade, I have also taught 1st grade and spent a year assisting in second grade.  Before teaching, I obtained my degree in psychology and spent time as a social worker helping children.  I was also a classroom assistant, and had the opportunity to help a lot of children become successful learners during their days at school.  I have always loved and bonded with children and cannot wait to make this year an extra special one for you too!
    Here are some of my favorites!
    Peanut Butter Cups
    Family Celebrations
    Iced Coffee
    The Poconos
    Mystery and Biography books
    There are a LOT of Sweeneys!  My family is my husband Owen, my son Owen jr. who is 22 and a senior in college, my son Conor who is 20 and is an apprentice plumber.  Conor has a twin sister Catherine who is studying to be a hairdresser.  We also have Sarah, who will be 17 soon and is a junior in highschool, Ava who is 14 years old and will be starting her first year of highschool, Ace our puppy, who is two years old, and Nala and Lynx our kitty cats. We went to the beach and the poconos this summer, to lots of activities with our kids, ate plenty of ice cream, swam a lot, and celebrated lots of family events.  We had some awesome family fun this summer.  I can't wait to hear about your summer and I am so excited to get to know more about YOU and your families! 
    Here are some pics of our puppy Ace, kitty cats Nala and Lynx, and the whole Sweeney Family.