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         On Elementary Early Dismissal days, the kindergarten dismissal procedure changes. To accommodate a balanced approach to the program, the AM and PM sessions will alternate attending school in the morning on early dismissal days.  This can be a little confusing at first, because the rest of the school is attending a half day, while our kindergarten kiddos actually are in school longer.
         School hours on early dismissal days are 9:10-12:15 p.m.  If your child rides a bus, he/she will be transported home on the same bus in which he/she arrived at school. There is no "Kindergarten" bus. This is different from the regular school day transportation procedures.  If your kiddo will attend or not attend another program after school, it is the parents' responsibility to let the childcare center know.
         About a week before each Early Dismissal Day, we will send home a form for you to fill in and sign, letting us know how your kiddo will be going home.
         The Early Dismissal days are all listed on our school calendar.  You will notice that the last one is not identified as AM or PM.  Late in the school year, the district looks at the amount of school time attended vs. missed by snowy late openings, and decides which session gets the last one.