Fourth Grade Supply List 2019-20

     These are suggested supplies to help your child begin their third grade year organized and prepared. Please do not send in trapper keepers.  All supplies should be labeled with your child’s name. Thank you in advance for your willingness to purchase these products!

    -The Fourth Grade Teachers



    • Box of colored pencils/markers

    • Pencils and big erasers

    • Hard pencil box

    • Three composition books

    • Three folders (green, blue, yellow)

    • Several highlighters

    • Post it notes (3’’x 3’’)

    • A pair of headphones in a clear bag with name (for use with computers)

    • Tissues--large box for classroom

    • Liquid soap (not sanitizer) or Clorox wipes

    • Please consider purchasing a reusable water bottle instead of sending in water each day-We do have a water fountain in the room.

    • DRY ERASE Markers (preferably ones with eraser at one end of them)

    • Clipboard 

    • 2 Binders