• My name is Mrs. Ludwig and I stutter.  I have stuttered my entire life. When using my tools, talking is easier, but it is still something that takes a lot of concentration. If you are someone who stutters, you are not alone.  Over 3 million people in the US stutter and over 68 million world wide.
    famous people who stutter

    Here are some great websites for you to check out:
    Stuttering Homepage:  http://www.mnsu.edu/comdis/kuster/

    Personal Stories from People Who Stutter - http://www.mnsu.edu/comdis/kuster/PWSspeak/PWSspeak.html

    National Stuttering Associationhttp://www.nsastutter.org/

    click on CHILDREN or TEENS on the left side to find links about kids who stutter and fun facts
    The Stuttering Foundationhttp://www.stutteringhelp.org/

    Here are some helpful hints for your family and friends: 
      - respect talking turns, don't interrupt
      - listen to WHAT I am saying instead of HOW I am saying it
      - use a slower rate and pauses so I don't feel so rushed
      - don't finish my words or sentences
      - don't tell me to "relax" or "think first"
      - trying not to stutter at all is like telling someone to change the way they walk
      - if you accept stuttering as a part of me, it is easier for me to accept
    1 - BREATHING proper breath support from your belly
    2 - TENSION (the tightness) & TIMING (speaking rate and how often we pause for a breath)
    3 - TOOLS (which ones work best for you?)
      ease into my words, use gentle sounds
      keep the beat or a rhythm
      use expression
      avoid fillers (um, ah, like)
      run my words together
      chunk my thoughts, add pauses
      make a plan
      positive thoughts
      stop & re-starts