• New Student Registration 

    Student Registration starts out at our Central Registration Office on Chancellor Street in Newtown, PA. See requirements on the District Website under Student Registration  https://www.crsd.org/Page/30222. Call for an appointment  (215) 944-1091.

    Once registration has been completed, contact the Counseling Center at South for a scheduling appointment (215) 944-1107. Please bring the packet of information you received at Central Registration, your student's transcript, report card and immunization. Your student will be meeting a counselor to select their classes.


    Student Withdraw

    Students moving from the district during the school year or withdrawing from school for other reasons are required to initiate proper withdrawal action through the Guidance Office. This is essential for an orderly maintenance and prompt transfer of school records.

    To withdraw a student from CR South, complete the attached withdraw form Parent Withdraw Form and submit to the Counseling Center. During the school year, the student will also need to take a withdraw form to his/her teachers to hand in books and obtain current grades.  This form should be picked up in the Counseling Center  one week before his/her last day of school.