• Council Rock Elementary Instrumental Rental Program

    TheMusic & Arts customer service department is experiencing extended hold times. Here’s a link that you can go to rather than calling. 

    Click here: https://www.musicarts.com/CustomerService/ContactUs.

    Opions regarding your rental as stated by Music & Arts:

    1. “Monthly Rental”

    If you elect this option, you need do nothing!  We will charge your credit card using our EZ Pay system, or bill you at our low monthly rental rate.  Your monthly rental payments will continue to be applied toward the purchase of your instrument.

    2. “Purchase”

    Apply your current rental credit (money paid toward rental so far) toward the purchase of a new or previously-rented instrument according to the terms of your rental agreement. Call Music & Arts @  888-731-5396 to exercise this option.

    3. “Summer Free Renewal”  NOTE:  This option is available only to those customers who signed up for a 10 month trial period. 10 Month trial renters should have recently received, or will soon be receiving email correspondence  from Music & Arts regarding this option. Renew your rental by July 1, 2020 and keep your rental instrument over the summer for no additional charge.  Your trial rental payment and all renewal payments will apply toward purchase!!

    4. “Return”

    If you need to return your instrument, you may take it to a Music & Arts store prior to your next billing date. The local Music & Arts stores will be opening as of Thursday, June 11. Please check the Music & Arts website: www.musicarts.com to see the store hours. If your next billing date occurs prior to the opening of your local Music & Arts store, please call 888-731-5396 (possible long on-hold times) or go https://www.musicarts.com/CustomerService/ContactUs (possible delayed response times) in order to receive a return authorization number. This will suspend billing on your rental account until the instrument can be returned to a store.

    5. “Exchange vs. Return”

    If your child plans to play a different instrument next year, rather than return the instrument, continue paying on the current instrument, and request to do an exchange to a different instrument when needed. The rental fees from your current instrument will carry over to the next instrument as rental credit toward purchase. As per your rental agreement, exchanges are only allowed to  instruments of equal or greater value).