"I must say I miss your philosophy class, but it did prepare me for several of my classes this year, including an Honors Theology course that would have swamped me otherwise, being a student with little to no religious studies background at a Jesuit school. I hope your year is going well so far!"

    "... just wanted to say hi and thank you for the awesome class- it is serving me well here in college."

    "I'm now a Junior at Drexel in the nursing program- I am taking an elective heatlh care course about children and we have to watch the Cider House Rules by the end of the term.  Just thought of you and philosophy and I'm glad I had a head start on this already thanks to you! Even three years later, your class still has a huge impact."

    "...it pushes your brain to its limits!"
    "(A) great course in preparation for adulthood."
    "It's a great course for gifted students because it promotes a classroom (with) multiple opinions and gives them room to express themselves."
    "This class has made me a better person..."
    "It is one of the best examples of a 'gifted' class, motivated by your intellectual exploration and personal ideas."
     "It was fun and intriguing while maintaining a healthy challenge."
    "Philosophy developed my world perspective and helped figure out my beliefs."
    "It is such a unique class that you aren't going to find anything else like it!"
     "...out of all classes, this will probably be most useful to me because I can now look at things and understand them from (multiple) perspectives."
    "It was the most thought provoking class I've ever taken!"
    "This is one of the few chances we have in school to really think..."
    “It helps you discover new ideas and theories. It helps you establish your outlook on life before college.”

    “This class is a great forum for discussing and discovering your opinion on topics that would remain unexplored.”


    “It made me re-evaluate the way I view the world.”


    “The things you learn you can apply anywhere.”

    "(Philosophy) class has been invaluable to my success as a cadet and now as an officer. Being able to articulate and justify my decisions was beautifully crafted by (the) demand for rigor in our classroom discussions..."
    “… I can honestly say that Philosophy changed me the most.  It changed how I view learning, love, life, and practically everything else physical and metaphysical.”


     “Today is my first day of classes and I just got back from my Philosophy Writing class and I wanted to let you know that I was sitting in class reading the syllabus and I was like "Umm, I know all of this already!!  Our 4 major topics are epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, and ontology.  (I) just wanted to let you know that I was definitely well prepared!”


    “…my philosophy class (in college) would have been totally over my head…”      


    “On the first day of my contemporary political ideologies class we were assigned a reading form our text book.  In the reading there were many names, as well as information, that we learned in philosophy class.  It made things so much easier knowing the background of what those people were talking about, along with many of the particulars of their political ideologies.”


    "I was sitting in my Philosophy class (Introduction to Law and Social Thought) the other day and I was really struck by how well your class prepared me for the course I am in now. I just thought I’d send you an e-mail thanking you for providing a solid Philosophy base.”


    “…I have been using a lot that I learned in philosophy. My lit teacher double majored in philosophy so she is largely tying it into our unit. I definitely have an advantage over the rest of the class because I've already learned it all.”


    ..I wanted to write a little thank-you and to say that I'm taking a philosophy class here at UConn and I feel very well prepared for it. Our first reading was The Trial and Death of Socrates, and although I struggled through the Republic last year, I can tell from the class discussions that I have a better understanding of Plato than many of my classmates. I enjoyed your class a lot and as a result I want to continue to take philosophy classes in college…


    …both my psychology and English teachers have brought up things we discussed extensively in philosophy. It's really nice to feel like I have a solid understanding of some topics we're discussing already!


    I just got my final grade from my Philosophy class and I wanted to let you know I got an A! It was definitely my most demanding class this semester and I just wanted to thank you for the jump-start that I had. We did Plato, Hume, and Descartes and then we also did some weird feminist and hippie "philosophers" (or people who were given a typewriter and just blabbed about their feelings) :). But I totally had a better grasp on the normal philosophers than anyone else which was great.


    …we had a discussion in our classes & my teacher brought up ethics & Kant's categorical imperative & I owned everyone in my class by knowing what it is! It was so amazing! So thanks, I'm pretty much the philosopher queen down here :)