"...It's an awesome course and educates citizens on their rights along with the way in which our government runs."
    "The course is necessary to be an informed citizen."
    "This course is a great way for any student to learn about the U.S. Government in a comfortable and enjoyable way."
    "I have an American Government and Politics class that I am taking, and the other day I used interstate commerce in my answer and my professor was very impressed...Thanks for preparing me to be able to take a government class in college."

    “Gov't class prepared me very well for the history class I’m taking right now. I feel I have more of an advantage than most of the other students. I know more about our gov't and Britain’s. Tell your kids to pay attention and that what they learn in your class pays off in college.”

    "I don't know if you remember me, but I had you as a teacher for government last year, second semester.  Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I recently finished my first semester political science class, Intro to American Gov't, and a lot of stuff that I learned in your class last year was extremely helpful.  Even on tests and quizzes throughout the semester, I often recalled things that we had learned last year, and I think that the class was great preparation for the college-level course.  So, basically,…just let you know that your class was highly effective as well as relevant!"


    “I am taking a political science class and everything that is covered in class we covered more thoroughly in your class.  Most of the kids I know taking the class find it very difficult and can't grasp the concepts.  Your US Gov't class taught me everything I need to know and the essays are a breeze because you already gave me real life examples for all the policies.”

    "I'm just writing to tell you that I got a 5 on the AP Gov't exam.  Thanks for a great semester and helping me prepare for the exam…


    “It gives you great insight into how the government works.”


    “I learned a lot and the information is relevant.  Especially everything about the Judicial Branch.”


    “If (you) are into current issues and heated class discussion about politics and the rights of Americans (you) should take this course.”