Tips For Hosting Honorary Captains:

    1.Show up 45 minutes before a game

    2.Greet the AHA HC's and their families

    3.Ask parents where they plan on sitting in case the hosts need to find them for any reason

    4.Give the HC's their tee shirts and medals

    5.Have the HC's at the 50 yard line 5 minutes before the teams come onto the field.

    6.Have the HC's hold hands with the football captains as they walk out for the coin toss

    7.Follow them out onto the field for the coin toss but stay 10 yards behind

    8.After the coin toss take the HC's to the 20 yard line near the track 

    9.During the game keep the kids in conversations and please stay off your cell phone unless it is to take pictures with or of the HC's

    10.Get pictures with the cheerleaders if they want

    11.Halftime have a catch or let them kick the football in the end zone 

    12.NEVER take the HC's to the bathroom. Locate their parents or guardians to take them.



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