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         Here are some ways that you can help your child learn to be more independent:


    • Let your child choose a snack for snack time.

    • Let your child pack his/her own school bag each day.

    • Have a fun and consistent goodbye routine.

    • Have your child carry his/her own school bag to school.

    • Allow your child to do things on his/her own (even if it might not turn out perfectly done.  i.e., making the bed, dusting the furniture, combing his/her own hair, etc.) 

    • Try not to help too much at homework time. I’d rather the work be done independently. 

    • Help your child with your words, not your hands.

    • Give your child chores around the house.  Expect them to be done regularly.

    • Have a homework routine for time and materials, so that your child can begin to follow the routine on his/her own. 

    • When someone asks your child a question, give lots of “wait time” before helping him/her to answer.  Sometimes kids need time, rather than help.

    • Help your child become more independent with shoe tying, using seat belt, etc.