The Gift of Rescue 

    One of my latest and largest rescues would have to be Bear, a beautiful 6-year-old, 93 pound Akita. He came to me on a rainy day when I was homesick instead of celebrating my birthday and surely did not need yet another pet, as I had five senior dogs I was caring for at the time and a lot of vet bills.  But he was so beautiful I couldn’t say, “No more”!

               Bear had a family that had an appointment to put him to sleep for biting a family member/teenager that climbed on him when he was lying down although he had warned her not to do that before.  Of course, since he bit a youngster, he would not be adopted out at a shelter easily and the calls the family and I made to Akita Rescues confirmed they were too full to accept another Akita, so I asked the owner to keep his appointment with the vet only to donate the bloodwork results to Rescue Animal Placements, for which I am a volunteer representative, and would foster him myself instead of them putting him to sleep.
                   I had heard of such onsets of sudden aggression in Akitas that had a thyroid problem and knew he should also be on joint care at his age with his large size and figured he was most likely not feeling as well as he should have.  So, I felt I could train him safely, as I helped him feel better, treating his thyroid naturally, giving him joint care and exercise,  because I was told he showed no aggression all while he was growing up. 

     It’s been over a year and there is a huge and happy difference in him.  He leans on everyone who will pay him attention and is the best guard dog ever, for he tells me if someone steps one step on my driveway even if he is sound asleep. It is apparent he feels healthy now and his blood work proves the difference too, as he enjoys long walks and started playing with toys again.

    To be honest, this was a dog I was a little overwhelmed to get but am so thankful I accepted because he has shown me such gratefulness and has brought me so much joy and security for always believing in him & helping him feel better. It turned out that he is my favorite birthday gift ever!  He may not have been wrapped in bows, but his furry body gives me the gift of a warm hug every day-not just on my birthday-and best of all… we can celebrate many more of his birthdays together!!!!

    Update: Bear lived to be 14 and will always be remembered as a gentle giant and sweet companion:)
Last Modified on August 17, 2021