Homework Policy
    In 4th grade, students are be responsible to copy their homework down each afternoon into their assignment books. I ask that you please take a moment each evening to check the assignment book and make sure that all assignments have been completed. Homework will also be updated each afternoon on our class webpage.
    Reading: Each child is expected to read 20 minutes / 4x's per week or the equivalent of 80 minutes per week.  We recommend that the children read Monday to Thursday however, if a student is unable to read on a particular night, they can read over the weekend.
    Math: Students will receive homework in this area each evening.   It is an important reinforcement of the skills learned in class that day and is not given as busy work.
    All subjects:
     - Students are responsible for making up any missed work 
     - Assignment books should be checked by parents every night
     - Homework folders should be emptied each evening
     - Tests and quizzes must be signed and returned the next day (if you would like additional time to review your child's assessment, please send in a note the day the test is due letting us know that you have seen the test).