• Hi Everyone, I'm Mark Riley.KOB Puppet character, Mark Riley


    Recently, I went to visit students at Richboro Elementary.  They had some excellent questions about my wheelchair and about how I can pay different sports.  I thought I would share this because I am sure other people were wondering about the same things.

    I am going to talk about my wheelchair first.  My cruiser is taken care of like your parent's car.  Instead of an auto mechanic, I have a wheelchair mechanic.  I have regular inspections of the tires and brakes.  It is also inspected for loose bolts and worn parts.  If problems are found they are repaired, much like a car.  Here are the parts of a wheelchair:

     These are the different parts of the foot rest of a wheelchair. The different parts allow the wheelchair to be repaired when broken and adjusted as I grow, until it is time for me to get a new wheelchair.


    SPORTS - Even though I am in a wheelchair, I can play any sport, because I am Mark the Great!  Actually, the sports I play are called Adaptive Sports.  Adaptive means to adjust or modify to different conditions or environments.  The sports I play need to be adapted to me using a cruiser.  My friend Renaldo plays sports adaptive to his visual impairment.  That's why he uses a beeping baseball.  He listens for the location of the ball because he cannot see it.

     One of the other things Renaldo and I like to do is go camping.  It is interesting for each of us learn about how the other one manages hiking and fixing our food over a campfire.

Last Modified on March 28, 2016