• 2022-2023 Supply List

    Welcome to fifth grade! Boxed supplies are available for purchase this year. If you choose to purchase supplies elsewhere, please provide the following items for your child:

    •  2 marbled composition books-1 black, 1 blue 
    •  1 inch white binder with clear plastic cover. 
    •  1 three-hole-punched folder with a design of your choice. 
    •  1 red three-subject spiral notebook 
    •  Plastic art box 4" x 6" 
    •  Soft pencil case 
    •  1 box of tissues 
    •  Cleaning Wipes 
    •  2 thin expo markers
    •  1 box of colored pencils
    • 1 box of thin markers
    • 1 pink eraser
    • 1 glue stick
    • 1 pencil
    • 3 different colored highlighters

    Your child is welcome to bring in additional drawing tools if they choose!

    If you are in Mrs. Vaughn's class you will also need a pair of earbuds or headphones that will be kept at school. Please place them in a labeled Ziploc.