first grade
    Here’s the Scoop on 1st Grade!

    Daily Folder: We have a Wrightstown Raven folder ready for your child! Please check the folder pockets and return EVERY DAY! Talk with your child about the work he/she is bringing home. Encourage your child to reflect on his/her work.  

    Supplies: Please see the tab to the left to view the school supplies for this year!

    Homework: Daily assignments Monday through Thursday. See your child's planner to view the homework! Homework should take no more than approximately 10 minutes each night. Please initial your child's planner where it says "Parent Message" every night!

    Absence Notes: Please send an absence note on the day your child returns to school either online OR send in a note that will be forwarded to the school office. Be sure to include the date(s) and reason for the absence as well as your child’s name.

    Transportation: Any changes in your child’s transportation MUST be in writing! If another parent is picking up your child there must be a note from BOTH parties! Please remember to include the date of the change. We cannot allow any changes in your child’s regular routine without written permission. It’s for their safety as much as ours. Students may not ride another child’s bus home.

    Lunch: Students may bring lunch from home or purchase lunch. If interested in buying lunch, we encourage parents to purchase a lunch ticket (checks payable to CRSD Cafeteria Fund- please send in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and WES Cafeteria). The lunch ticket is kept on file in the cafeteria. This eliminates needing to bring daily lunch money.

    Snack: We have a 10-15 minute daily snack time. Please teach your child to open/close/manage his/her own snack. Keep snacks child-sized. Remember – we only have 10-15 minutes to eat!! PLEASE pack a PEANUT FREE snack every day!!!

    Recess: Outdoors, twice daily – down to 20 degree wind chill! SEND APPROPRIATE SHOES AND CLOTHING! Now is a good time to reinforce self-reliance with zippers, buttons, etc.

    Specials: Please view the "Our Schedule" link to view the daily schedule! All first graders participate in art, music, gym, and library. Remember to wear sneakers on our gym day!

    Birthdays: We will hold our celebrations during our snack time. Small, nut-free treats are welcome. Please be sure to plan for 18 children*. We appreciate your advance notice of birthday treats. One reminder – napkins are a must! (*This number may change)

    Conferences: The first scheduled conference will be held in November. Additional conferences can be requested to discuss your questions/concerns regarding your child’s progress. If you need to reach us, please leave a message with the secretary or send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

    Report Cards: Distributed 3 times per year - February, April and June. Report cards can be viewed online in HAC (The Home Access Center)

    Name Writing: Please reinforce correct letter formation – begin with a capital letter followed by lower case.

    Emergency Plan: In the event of an unplanned school-wide early dismissal (yes- it DOES happen!) what will your child do? Please discuss and review periodically your plan of action with your child. An Emergency Communication Plan form for you to complete and return will be sent home in the first few days of school.

    Homeroom Parents: To be selected and announced by PTO in early September. We may also need classroom volunteers to help with miscellaneous activities throughout the year. We will send requests as needed.

    Rainy Day Bag: Children may bring in a small bag (ex. drawstring bag) for indoor recess. The bag may include cards, small games, toys, etc. This bag is to stay in school at ALL times!! We are not responsible for lost items. Please keep all sentimental and/or valuable items at home.